Social media

I was awoken by this little girl whom is my daughter. Poor little girl is so sick. It was 4 am and I waited to hear if she would continue coughing or not. Luckily, she settled herself and went back to sleep. Such a helpless feeling. You wish you could help her feel better but this virus just needs to work  itself through then she will be back to help bubbly self. Let’s hope she feels better this morning when she finally awakes to start her day. 

I have removed myself from Facebook again. For my sanity. I find it is full of triggers and sadness for myself. It’s been a week of quietness. The only social media I love is Instagram. While that too, has some triggers, it’s still way better than FB. I found people waiting to adopt…wishing, hoping, praying from all over US and Canada.  I was that person as well. It’s such a blessing to have people encourage and want to help you stay focused while on that journey. We were ready to throw in the towel too. But when all hope seemed to be lost, we received the call. If you know someone waiting to be a mom, lend a supportive ear or encouraging words. They just might be in that rut when you say them. 

Lift people up when you are feeling down. Send that quick text message or email. Let them know you care. This adoption journey is another test of will and strength and nobody should have to do it on their own. To those new ladies I connected with on IG, you can and will succeed at being a mom. It ain’t easy, but it’s worth it. ❤️


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