I’ve fought for everything I have. I endured a lot of pain growing up. I have realized not everyone will be on the same page as yourself or can see your point. The point of blogging is to speak freely with no censorship. That’s what I do. 

I’ve been to counselling for depression, for the loss of my father along with other losses as well. I’ve been on anti depressants. I’ve worked out to ease stress. The best thing for me is to blog. The feelings come out my fingertips and that’s that. 

Does everyone have to like my blog? Nope. Do I have to like other people’s blogs? Nope. That’s the name of the blogging thing. It’s a place to express feelings instead of letting them build and build and build. I will not let people tell me what I should do. 

Instead of living my life being miserable and closed up, this is my outlet. 


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