Sunday July 10, 2016. Today is the 6 month anniversary of my fathers death and was reminded of it on Facebook. My normally quiet brother posted a status. 

I definitely miss my father. I miss his voice, his laugh and just the way he handled things. He was and is an amazing man. I wish things were different but sadly here we are. 

Things have been rough lately. Some you read in my last post. I’m a bit angry and a bit bitter. Things have progressed a little. My daughter is sick and her potty training which was at 90% is slipping backwards. It’s hard. I spent so many days and hours with her encouraging and doing potty dances that this slippage is hard to deal with. Hubby took her to the doctor today. I hope there is a reason for her accidents and it’s not “just because”. Hopefully she will be feeling better and back to her peppy, eager to please self. One can hope.

We have had great support from most of the family members, it’s been great. Finally got to have a night out just for us. It was odd but nice to have that time to reconnect over dinner and not have to worry about her. One part of our family has made zero effort to meet her. I’m angry. It’s been since April. They claim they have no time yet they booked a vacation to Mexico and post on Facebook about all the adventures they had with no mention of meeting their niece. I’m not going to lie, it stings. One would think if you had a new family member that you would make an effort? Apparently not. We were there for them when she called us upset because of their marriage difficulties. We were there numerous times and talked her through things. She spilled the beans and i don’t think her other half knows, we know. 

All in all, I want more effort and more happiness in my life. 


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