Today’s excitement was the Facebook reminder of your memories of last year or the years beyond on this date. It was a photo of my tubal cannulation. Left tube clear and my right tube was cleared:) yay for open tubes. This was 3 years ago in the middle of our first year trying to have a baby. Who knew 4 years later I’d still be without a baby of my own. 

Life is a tough right now, between my dad and some new issues in his health, the failed adoption and the still no pregnancies. Yes, we chose not to go through with this offered adoption. Yes, we made the choice to remain childless because we felt it wasn’t exactly what we wished for. Do I feel bad? Absolutely. But I know they will find those two a loving family that will take the risks to do concurrent planning until the judge makes his decision. 

One of my friends whom I connected with in California is 4 days away from meeting her triplets! Yes, triplets. I am so very excited for her after all the heartache she’s been through. Can’t wait to see those three little faces and find out what they are. 

Here’s to November. The dark wet days and nights will hopefully bring some sunny skies for us in our journey. If not, I’m headed to Mexico in December for some temporary sun. Hoping for a miracle: I try to not give up hope but honestly, sometimes it’s dimmley lit.  



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