At a loss for words

So here it is. October 1. My cycle was late, thought I was pregnant, but sadly today’s events concluded otherwise. I will never get it that easily. I always seem to have to fight for everything I want. And I’m actually fricking sick of it. I’m tired of seeing everyone else around me succeed and I don’t. My neighbour is pregnant, one time with IVF. Must be nice to be so lucky. Shit, I’ve had zero luck with everything. 

When will it be my turn? Pictures of babies, kids, pregnant bellies, everywhere. I’m so tired of it. Emotionally exhausted. Physically exhausted. Mentally exhausted. 

I need a time out. 


2 thoughts on “At a loss for words

  1. That hope when you’re late and then the desolation when AF shows up is the most dreadful feeling. I’m thinking of you X

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