To test or not to test?

Here I am, 8dp5dt. If nothing happens today then I am happy. I have never made it past this day in any other of my cycles. There was always signs of a bleed coming up.

I have one digital test….just one. Honestly, I’m terrified to test. I tested early in my other rounds and within hours, AF arrived. I see it on my bathroom counter and it’s my enemy. It’s a “I wanna know but I don’t wanna know” situation. The only, if you can call them, “symptoms” are sore boobs, bloating, sore back and I’m so tired. This can always be a result of the progesterone as well. I think I may hide that test in the bathroom vanity so I can’t see it. I want this so bad. This would make all the heartache worthwhile. One day at a time…….


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