Keep fighting the fight.

My frozen transfer is tomorrow. Am I nervous? Not really. Am I scared? Yes. I’ve been through this twice before, I need to just let the cards fall as they may. But I cant. I want to know what I can do differently. I think this time, I need to take time off.

Work right now is starting to get busy. Mail is getting heavy, and more parcels are flooding in. For the last two weeks I’ve been on a heavy foot route. Lugging around a heavy mail bag (35-45 lbs) on my shoulders has been tough since I haven’t done one in two years. After lugging my way through it, I decided to ask if they could put me on modified duties the next month to ensure no twist, lift or amount of stress affects my chances. My supervisor and superintendent were sitting in the office.

It was so weird to hear them say but they said, you’ve been through enough, I think you should take a leave of absence and give this the best chance you can have. I was shocked really. He said I can qualify for short term disability if I get a note saying I had a medical procedure and need a month off. So that’s, what I will do.

The next few weeks will be pretty quiet and non stressful but I know the dog will be happy. Lots of walks are in his future.

On another note, we had two possible matches of children to adopt. Both boys, one newborn and one 2.5…..we missed out on both. Maybe there was a reason behind it because this will lead us to our miracle baby❤️

I have also been blessed this past weekend with one of my dear IG friends whom I met this past summer had a baby boy. I’m an IG Aunty!!!


4 thoughts on “Keep fighting the fight.

  1. Wow…you say at the start to let the cards fall…they seem to be fanning out quite well!
    I accidentally had three weeks off around my transfer time and it has been wonderfull.
    Fingers n toes crossed for you!

  2. Amazing that your work is being so supportive. I am so glad you are having the opportunity to take some time off. I will be saying a special prayer for you that this FET is successful and you’ll have a very special Christmas to celebrate this year.

    I actually came to your blog because I saw the comment you left on another blogger’s post where you mentioned that you’re a patient at Olive. Unlike many of our American counterparts, I totally get you on the confusion of the Genesis clinic they speak of, lol.

    It sounds like we cycled around the same time. I started stims at the beginning of October and had my ER Oct 16. Unfortunately, we had to do a Freeze All cycle due to lining issues. We’ll be doing our FET some time in the spring.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello! Nice to see a local on here 🙂

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