Different route, same goal.

By the end of the week, my first FET will be a go. I will be taking estrace for about 11 days then we will be getting an ultrasound to see that everything is working how it should and then get my transfer date. I’m definitely looking forward to an easier cycle. No injections, no moody episodes, and no multiple dates with mr. wandy:) So we are going to see how this plan works for us. I want to see if not being “hopped” up on hormones makes a difference.

I’ve been fighting with myself for pulling my TTC account from instagram. I did it for my sanity. I had another failed cycle. I couldn’t deal with the bumps, the babies and the 82,000 pics of the same child every day. Its a reminder of what I don’t have. I didn’t do it to be harsh, I did it to protect myself. I opened a new one profiling some daily life and my photography. I didn’t want to be back where I was….putting up sad quotes. ttc stuff. I wanted myself back to who I was.

Yesterday I brought out my camera and took a photo of half my face. I made it black and white and posted on IG that I was one of the faces of infertility. I explained my situation (somewhat) and mentioned that I would love to start a series of photographs profiling people and their stories. I need to get some fire under my butt and start this project. But first, I need to find some willing participants.

OH and my cat came home:)



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