Updates as of late.

So I was pregnant. yes, was. I went in for an early beta and expected a negative beta. But it came back really low. It was 9.2. Not enough to sustain a pregnancy so I knew I had a chemical. A chemical….I’ve never even had a glimpse of being pregnant so this was a positive and a negative. The negative is obvious but the positive side is that I CAN get pregnant, which is in itself a bonus. So that actually made a sad situation have a bit of a silver lining. On that note, I went in for another beta to check my numbers again and we were good to go. I asked my nurse if I could do a FET. She said she couldn’t see why not. Then the question of the day….Could we transfer both embryos? YES! So I was advised about the whole FET process with estrace and the paperwork. So we are awaiting AF and then this whole journey begins again.

On another note, our cat went missing. We have two but one likes to go outdoors. She’s super outdoor savvy and has been outdoors successfully and always found her way back home. Oct. 26 around dinner time, it was the last time we saw her. There has been no signs of her at all. We’ve both looked and scoured the neighbourhood. I’ve posted notices on the complexes around us, on the local fb page, contacted the animal shelter and our citys animal services. My husband is heartbroken. So hard to see a grown man cry. She’s his baby. I brought her home for him early in our relationship and surprised him. Now she is gone and we have no explanation or clue how or why. Its difficult getting through the day not knowing if I will come home and she will be up on the porch in her bed. Tonight my husband left on a work trip, and I had a bit of a cry. Its hard because of all the unknowns.

I hope she just shows up one day and has that look on her kitty face…….and with a low meow, comes back home.


2 thoughts on “Updates as of late.

  1. Glad kitty came home (thanks for updating on IG) and excited for your FET.

    I’m sorry about the chemical, such mixed emotions.

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