Semi new adventures.

So today marks the day of the start of ivf #2. I felt like I was an old hat at these injections. The cd 2 visit with mr. wandy was the worst part of the day… I’m doing alright:) I feel remarkably more comfortable going into this ivf as now I know what to expect. More time off work, too. I’m lucky I have some banked overtime so we won’t be losing wages as I’m away. Win/win. I am actually looking forward to the new plan of an upped dose of meds to stimulate those ovaries for a better result.

On another note, our adoption plan is in full effect. Everything is finally done and we were put on the waiting list to be matched. first Tuesday comes by to an email from our worker. And then another late in the day. Offers of a single 18 month old girl with medical issues and an offer of a sibling group of three!!! Yes. 3 boys under the age of 4. My own half a hockey team! Holy moly. I was intrigued by the three boys but then I rethought this. From 0-3 in the matter of weeks? So close in age? Ugh, I don’t think I can do that. While, it was my dream when I was younger to have 4 boys….I think being 36 gives my head a shake. I would definitely consider a sibling group of 2 or a singleton, but three is a bit much for this future momma.

Looks like this year may be the year I am finally a mom. Christmas is looking a little more exciting!!!


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