Direction of travel.

Sorry its been so long since my last blog post, life has been quite busy. But in saying that, here we are, Sept 13. Holy moly, where did the time go? In the last little while we were just doing our thing, no charting, nothing….just enjoying life together. It was pretty relaxing and there was no stress involved. I thought we may be able to just magically get pregnant…after all those people with unsolicited advice say…..” you just need to relax”. HA! Yeah right. Anyways, I was not surprised when AF showed up month after month.

We’ve been waiting somewhat patiently for the call from the clinic to let us know if we could do round two ivf but no phone calls came so we decided to get this adoption journey on to the point of matching us with a child. Everything was finally done, our home study was finally signed off and I was excited to look. Our SW only works a couple days a week so we have to be our own advocates . One day after work my mother gave me a call stating she knew a little 11 month old girl that was up for adoption. She met her herself and said she could be a good match for that. Inside, i was super excited…outside i was trying to keep myself calm because as we know, things can change in a minute. After getting off the phone, I sent my worker an email showing interest in this little one. So here we wait. Life is all about waiting….waiting to get somewhere in the direction where you want to go.

THEN…..the phone call came. I was in the kitchen blasting the new Maroon five album and puttering around the kitchen. The music stopped and I went to see why. The fertility clinics name was on my call display. My heart sunk… this the phone call that will possibly lead me in the right direction? Or will it throw a bit of a wrench in the situation. I picked it up…I swear my stomach dropped…..and those words came. “Danielle….you’ve been accepted into the second round…how do you feel?” I feel AMAZING!! I let her know my next CD 1 and she was going to make the plan and schedule to get me in for my first ultrasound on cd1 (YUCK) but I know it has to be done. I hung up the phone and texted a few special people in my life and instantly had a big smile on my face. Then reality sunk in. I do this round of ivf, which hopefully works then ultimately our file with the ministry may be put on hold…..for a year…..

In saying this… mom has a little girl who isnt up for adoption but may be in about a year…..hmmm, food for thought.


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