A moment in time.

I’ve been home from California for two days. I already miss hearing the ocean, feeling the sand between my toes and jumping in the ocean. I went to California after setting up a meetup with a few complete strangers with one bond. Infertility. I have never met these ladies, only connected through Instagram from #infertility #ttc hashtags. Who would of thought I could meet people with a similar journey? Who would of thought after two days I’d feel more connected and more at peace with my struggles. A place to be accepted and people who understand. That’s all I have wished for. Faces to these screen names. Real people, real struggles, real stories. My mom shared with me that she was worried about me going to meet strangers but somehow I felt I needed this. And I am so glad I went. We all have various diagnosis’s but we all understand the struggle. New friendships were created and I have love for these ladies, each of them are strong women. I have plans to visit again….maybe to Kansas or perhaps even hosting people here. Nobody can really explain the bond you have but there’s no explanation needed. One day at a time, one breath at a time. I can do this.






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