Ball of emotions

Here we are! We started our ivf a few weeks ago. Things have been a complete blur…from daily injections, to multiple internal ultrasounds to multiple blood tests. I’ve always been not overly happy with the whole needle thing but with this ultimate goal, I’ve had to suck up my fears of needles and roll with the punches. So we made it to egg retrieval day. Ultimately, I was nervous, excited, and definitely hopeful.

We go in to the clinic and we wait. Tyler gets called in first for his contribution to this process. Things go great and then we wait. Then its my turn, after being prepped with pain meds, gravol and something to relax me, we go in. In the room there are three lovely caring ladies. As things progress, we were able to watch the whole process. Amazing sight to see. Tyler stayed next to me, saying I was so strong and I am such a trooper. Gosh, I love this guy.

After all was done and I was in the recovery room….we heard that they got 6 eggs. For being mid to late 30’s, its not a bad number, its pretty average. So I wait til my body feels well enough to get up and go home. Once home, I totally relax and try to make myself as comfortable as it can be.

This journey isn’t easy, its a complete rollercoaster of emotions but in the end it will be worth it.

Today we await news of what has been fertilized.. Fingers crossed for my potential babies.


3 thoughts on “Ball of emotions

  1. Brought tears to my eyes when I read your blog this morning for the first time. But then again I seem to cry with emotion a lot these days. KEEP the faith sweetgirl!

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