Here we go.

I think that we will be starting our first ivf sooner than expected. Seems to be that AF is arriving early. I have my fertility supplements ready, my “garden has been
nourished” by fertility acupuncture, and my head and heart are excited. I know this is not a sure thing but I am so hopeful. Being on holidays right before the start of my first ivf cycle is a blessing in itself. I am relaxed, and my emotions are in check.

And so it happens to be the start of NIAW (national infertility awareness week). We are 1 in 8 couples who deal with this issue. I would not wish this on anyone but since I have this, I am a big advocate for awareness. You will need support, advice, and just a text from someone who happens to be in the same boat. I have connected with a few ladies whom have made my journey less stressful. I am also hoping to book my ticket to California to meet them all for the first time. I can already see the tears that will be shed. Instagram, you have been my lifesaver…and to those ladies who show support every moment they can….love you ladies!!! July 2014 with baby bumps;) EEK….excited.



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