Well that was fast.

So here I sit in the airport waiting for my flight to see my friends in Kelowna. We received some pretty exciting news today. Out of the 40 couples in the ivf study, we were number 2. So we were expecting a call next week In regards to information. So today I waited for the call because another nurse notified me yesterday that I would be hearing from Dr. Y’s nurse today. I was shocked and so nervous. Omg, is this really happening?

Today we heard that the first couple is away on holidays so we were bumped up to number one. Complete craziness!! So Tuesday is the pre screening. The prescreening process has a full physical ( maybe I should of hit the gym more😜) including a PAP along with blood tests and a slough of paper signing. After all is complete, my specimens are sent to Geneva, Switzerland for analysis to see if we are all approved for this study. I’m not a real religious person but sometimes you gotta let the man upstairs take control of things. All appendages are crossed for approval!

After we are approved, ivf will take place within 60 days as that’s as long as the blood tests are valid for. Please let this be our answer!!


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