Saturday morning wondering.



SO its Saturday morning, and we’ve been waiting for the last two months for the plan of the ivf study. CD 1 has arrived, yet again. Am I surprised? Not really. Some things just are always on schedule, sadly.

I was thinking this morning…so we are classified as “unexplained” meaning there is no medical reason why I can not get pregnant. I had a cyst and some endometriosis removed but that was a few years ago. Unless my endo has returned….I have no idea….my cycles are still as crummy as they have always been, then I should be well equipped to carry a little embryo. I ovulate, the sperm is good….. Not sure what to think….you wait for so long and yup, still nothing. Our fertility doctor gave me a 70% chance of ivf working which I considered really high, but then I was looking at percentages online and with my all my factors…age, issues, etc…I got a 29% success rate. DO you believe the specialist or the studies that have been done on ladies my age trying to have babies? Little bit lost on the whole idea. The fact that my body maybe doesn’t transport the sperm properly or the whole process breaks down even before it gets a chance to begin really causes me to shake my head. I’m so confused.

So we are still waiting for that phone call. We were supposed to hear in January on when the study was going to start….its now March 1st. Not really much you can do when you aren’t paying for it, right? Here again comes this patience word…I should really try to learn it.


5 thoughts on “Saturday morning wondering.

  1. I feel like the poem says it all…Your little guy is on his or her way. “Breathe my friend…” Sending you hugs xxxx

    1. No immune testing done, just the regular blood, hsg, etc. We are getting it done in a clinic called Olive Fertility clinic in Vancouver, BC. It’s apparently a worldwide study on a new FSH drug.

      1. Very interesting. We are from Saskatchewan. Just sitting on the brink of IVF. Considering Saskatoon or Victoria. We have heard Victoria does the immune testing but Saskatoon does not. Sounds like an exciting study. Hope it goes well!

  2. Trust your doctor and not Google, in my opinion.

    Big hopes for IVF being the answer for you guys. The frustration that comes with “unexplained” has got to be hard to deal with. I really hope the study starts SOON!!!


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