Hello 36.


So today is my 36th birthday. Still not much to celebrate except being one year older. Had a rough week this week. Being judged by other women on a social media site because I made a comment over her calling her child the “spawn of the devil”…..really??? Is that appropriate? Anyways, I made a comment about that she should be appreciative she has a child because many people would love to be in her shoes. Apparently I was a harsh and rude because she dealt with infertility. GEEZ! You think she would of been more sensitive to publicly posting about her own child like that. Brutal. Gotta love online bullying….at 36 years old. F*&^ me. Whatever. It has occurred to me that no matter what your situation is, there are people who just don’t care. You’re infertile, don’t post in on social media, don’t tell me your story and create awareness for those struggling in silence. It is really sad that some people prefer to suffer in silence and other people don’t want to hear what you are going through. I guess that is why this blog is a great place for me to vent, discuss and tell my story. You are here because you want to read my story. I will always be one to be an open book. You want to know, ill give you my best answer. DO I hurt? Heck ya, almost every day. DO I cry? Yes, quite often but in silence. DO I put on a happy face when I see other pregnant women? Yes, I do but I am happy for people who don’t need scientific intervention and happy for those who have been helped by science.  I never thought I would be a bitter person but I wont let this affect who I am. I will still hold my head up high even when I feel hopeless and even if I feel like I don’t have the energy to do it.


2 thoughts on “Hello 36.

  1. Hi, i followed your blog. This is great. I am TTC for over four years. I feel you. Thanks for sharing. Your wordings are valuable for TTC women.

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