Starting off 2014.

So here we are, just began February, and here arrives AF. Maybe, just maybe, I thought it would magically happen on our break from the fertility meds, charting, and procedures. Apparently, I’m naive. Same old shit, just another month of failure.

We just spent the last three days away in a little log cabin near Kamloops. Surrounded by a few other couples and a few children. It reminded me of how much my heart desires to be a mom. To go sledding, to play games and to just have a moment where it was okay to let loose and let my inner child out. Lots of laughs were had, and lots of relaxation but I didn’t come home refreshed. Let me rewind for those who don’t know….the day we were about to leave, my 2 year old cat broke his hip. No idea how but somehow he must of fell…thanks Norman for being so agile😞. Anyways we ran him to the vets and got the quote for surgery. $1500…..yikes. Did we do it? Of course. Did I have to give up my tropical holiday in April? Yes. But it’s worth it. These furry animals are my children. And I would do anything to keep them happy and pain free. Life involves sacrifice. It’s all in your priorities, some people I know don’t have these straight but that’s another story. So he comes home tomorrow, I’m happy to see my tub of goo.

On another note, there had been no contact by Dr. Y as of yet. He said he was expecting the study to start in February but apparently it’s not. Patience has been really trying…I want things to happen now, and I don’t want to wait. I have no choice but to suck it up and live my life til the anticipated call arrives. My fertile life is in control by someone else. Lord, give me strength…..


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