Welcome 2014, I’ve been waiting for you.

So here we are, finally at 2014. Happy to be here to see what the following year blesses us with but sad for how hard this past year as been. You could say, ” life isn’t fair”, you can say, “I was given the shitty end of the stick” but all in all I’m a fortunate woman to have what I have, a wonderfully supportive husband and a supportive family.

I’ve lost a couple people in my life this year who have been around for a long time. People make choices and sometimes you have to respect their decisions. Hard but I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I need in my life right now. I’ve made decisions to remove people too, I guess its a matter of sanity and looking out for number one.

2013 has given me a lot of grief but also ended on a high note, despite my car getting broken into:( You live and learn. I was blessed this year with being an aunty again to a beautiful little man named Kaden;) For that, I’m fortunate. We also had a amazing summer out camping and exploring the west coast but I am looking forward to IVF. The doctors meet January 12 for a decision on the starting date. We were told February will be the month! Am I scared? heck yes. What if this doesn’t work? what if it does….will I be a good mother? So many questions you can ask yourself. I guess the only thing I can do right this year is have patience, and believe that this is OUR answer to parenthood.hope-quotes-iphones-tablets


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