Unexpected Hope

We had booked a follow up appointment with Dr Yuzpe to figure out what was next. I went in thinking our journey may be over, we had talked about maybe trying one ivf then we would at least know we tried. So we sit down and he goes, okay so you’ve had all three rounds fail, do you want to do a fourth cycle? I asked what the percentage chance was. 10-15%……ugh. I was not hopeful. Then the doctor proceeds to tell us that the clinic is doing an FSH study. He explains the whole process and asks if we are interested in this study….we are shocked and realize this gives us an opportunity of a lifetime. Free ivf!!!! 40 couples are chosen to participate and we were now one of them! Our doctor is amazing and always makes me feel so great when we leave. Always has his arm around me and tells me, he will get me pregnant! Such a positive man. I’m excited to get this journey started!!!! Rumour is that it’s starting somewhere around February. eeeeek, I can’t wait!


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