Recent events cause much thought….

I found a place of solace and refuge when things in our journey go astray. I found two amazing groups of ladies in the similar boat as us. I often hear the word, embarrassed though. That really bothers me. Nobody should have to face this journey alone. When we first found out that we were “infertile”, I didn’t know where to turn. I never expected myself to be infertile. Everyone always said to me, oh you will be the first one to have kids and you are going to be a great mom. Well 3 years in and still not a mom. I’m an aunt…which I am SO grateful for. I love my niece and nephews and that’s why I want to spend as much time with them as I can. But in my heart, I am so longing to hear that first heartbeat and look at my husbands face when he hears it too. That is what I crave. And I sincerely hope that this happens for us.

I am over the moon thankful for the emotional support of my sister in laws, husband, parents and complete strangers. Without support groups, I would be a emotional mess. They keep me grounded, positive and filled with supportive and loving thoughts. Who thought that complete strangers would be a huge part of your life. I may of never met them nor will ever meet them, but I’m so thankful for them. As they say in the infertility world….love, hugs and babydust for you.


5 thoughts on “Recent events cause much thought….

  1. I’m beeetyj on instagram – I just wanted to leave you a comment here too to say how much I’m thinking of you. I’m a complete stranger on the other side of the world so I hope it helps to know that everyone everywhere is thinking of you x

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