The Dreaded 2WW

Well here I am, 6 days past iui and I so badly want to test. I know it will be negative but i’m impatient! I still have hope for a successful cycle but its been a long time of expected success then I get disappointed because AF (Aunt flow) shows up to visit. So we wait. Trying to keep busy but with that always on your mind, its definitely hard.

Pregnant women are everywhere…its definitely a hard pill to swallow. But I am happy for them and sad for me. I am a part of a great community of Infertiles from Instagram and theres a great support group on Facebook. Without these ladies, I’d definitely be a mess. So many questions, so many things to learn about infertility and the treatments I may or may not have to endure. I am hoping this IUI procedure helps us to our goal. If not, we re evaluate and come up with a new plan. Googling to increase sperm count and trying more herbs, theres so much to learn. I’m not known to be a real religious person but im hoping the man upstairs cuts me a little slack…now back to waiting…;)


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