The story continues…


My longing to be a mother continued. We struggled getting pregnant. I thought about adoption and was totally open to the idea as well as my husband. A family was a family, it didn’t matter if we were genetically or blood related…we’d be a family unit connected by love. That’s all I never wanted. We decided to start the adoption process as well as pursue the fertility journey. So back to fertility journey…we were advised by the clinic to get a HSG done. I went with my dad and he waited for me til I was done. As I laid there on the table, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. The doctors assistant was very sweet and held my hand. The procedure started and my eyes welled up and I have tears running down my face. She handed me a Kleenex and shared some comforting words. I left and waited my results. A week goes by and I find out I have a blocked tube and they don’t know if im ovulating every month due to the change in where the egg comes out. So next step, tubal cannulation. I went in for a tubal cannulation and they managed to clear my tube:) YAY!!! I was over the moon and excited that this could be it. Clear tubes, i’d ovulate and then get pregnant! Well that was 6 months ago. So in the middle of this, Tyler and I get married:) Beautiful backyard wedding with Southern BBQ food and the ice cream man showed up for dessert. It was truly a great distraction from our struggles and showed me the dedication and love he has to share. Fast forward 6 months we head back to our fertility doctor. We booked an appointment and head in….the first thing he says is ….”where the heck did you guys go?” You should of been back here sooner! We all chuckled and explained we got married and life got busy. So this is the beginning of the official fertility journey. With hubbys SA great, im all clear for pregnancy, lets give it a whirl. We are currently on a 2WW, with a 100 mg round of clomid and iui. The iui experience was interesting to say the least…the first nurse couldn’t find my cervix!! I was like….im sure its in there, lol. So in comes another nurse , (of course, hes a young attractive guy) and finds it right away and everything was done so fast. I know first time iui BFPs are rare but I have a lot of hope for us.  As we sit and wait, we are still pursuing adoption. My mom has had a little girl since she was 3 months old. She was removed for failure to thrive and neglect. Sat in a car seat for the first 3 months of her life. She is 16 months old now and still isn’t walking. Mom recently signed her over for adoption and dad wont acknowledge her. So we sit and wait for our homestudy to be done…..SO much waiting in this life of ours….I’m hoping this waiting pays off<3


2 thoughts on “The story continues…

  1. I so cannot wait until you two have lots of babies… You two will be two of the best parents I could imagine and I love you both! xoxoxo

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am praying for you and Carrying you with so much Love as you navigate your journey to becoming a Mama! Xoxo

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