The beginning

Tyler and I met in September 2010. This was the start of our journey together forever. I was over the moon to be dating one of the most genuine and sweet guys I had ever met. Funny how things happen when you meet the “one”. We moved in together and I knew this was meant to be. After being together for 8 months we thought we would just see if we could get pregnant, so off the bc pill I went. Days turned into months and I was surprised nothing happened….After stopping the pill, my cycles became irregular and I was feeling discomfort from my ovaries…I got into a gynecologist only to find out I had a large cyst on my ovary. Fast forward a few months….I had surgery to remove the cyst and the doctor said she found endometriosis and removed it all when she was in there. Phew! I thought okay, so all is clear and I will get pregnant!! There goes another 6 months…still nothing. I’ve always wanted children….I grew up in a household of foster children coming in and out of my parents doors and I knew it was for me, to be a mom.


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